First of all, the system is needed to automate the processes of merchandising in the retail chain, remote control over the execution of tasks by the outlet, creating a unified planogram for the retail chain, increasing profitability, creating reports on the necessary indicators and tracking performance, effective assortment management.

Unfortunately, no. We have an individual approach to each client depending on the list of his requirements to the system. You can leave a request for a presentation of the system - our managers will answer all your questions and conduct a full presentation of all the features of the solution and can present the references of the systems of existing customers.

The system is sold in both SAAS and in-house models. To discuss details, leave your contacts and our managers will contact you.

You need to leave an application on the website abmshelf.com, then our manager will contact to clarify the details for further launch of the project. On average, implementation takes about 2-4 months.

The implementation process consists of three stages. On average, the duration of the project is 2-4 months.

- The first stage is the integration with the accounting system and a regular data exchange setting up.

- The second stage is training on how to work in the system.

- The third stage is the feedback from the sales outlet and learning of the analytical reporting module. During this period, planograms of one category for 3-5 stores are developed.

The system can integrate with any accounting systems (1C, SAP, etc.).There is integration with product catalogs, electronics catalogs.

ABM Shelf allows retail chains to implement a complete business process - from drawing equipment and planograms to controlling the layout at the point of sale. The whole team works in one environment.

When working with planograms you can use store formats, zones on equipment, perform automatic lay-out according to the specified criteria and get analytic reports. The notification system allows to learn in time about the new tasks of planogram changing and lay-out actualization.

Also thanks to the mobile application the outlet employees receive tasks from the central office and promptly send the results of the checkout for checking.

The ABM Shelf system does not stand still and is constantly improving. We have an intuitive interface, SAAS concept, the work of the whole team in a single environment (web version, mobile application), no restrictions on the number of system users, data import from Autocad, remote control of goods display from the central office and sending tasks to retail outlets via mobile application, notifications of any changes in planigrams and floor plan.

Many of our clients consciously switched to ABM Shelf from other shelf management systems, comparing both the functionality and expertise of the implementation team.

Representatives of both chain and line retail (FMCG, Drogerie, DIY, Health & Beauty, Non-food, Pharma, gas stations and others), as well as large suppliers and distributors.

With the ABM Shelf solution you get not only a tool for controlling the fulfillment of tasks, but also the development of actual planograms according to the assortment, the ability to build unified communication with the entire team, the minimization of labor costs for planogram drawing, an established automatic process of data exchange between accounting systems, timely notifications about changes in floor plans and planograms, and the creation of new templates of store equipment.

Of course. As the chain grows, the need to make the chain's outlets more recognizable and formatted for customers, as well as to systematize the availability of the assortment, increases immediately.

The ABM Shelf system includes a cloud solution and a mobile app. Employees receive tasks for each sales outlet in the mobile application from the central office. Meanwhile, the central office can track the online status of the assigned task, as well as accept/reject/send the task to the point of sale for revision.

Certainly, although the dimensions are mandatory information for quality shelf display of goods. Ideally, when the dimensions of goods are collected before introduction. In such cases Listex and Ucat catalogs are used. It is also possible to collect dimensions already in the process of using the ABM Shelf system. For example, dimensions and photos of goods can be entered from a mobile app, taking measurements directly at retail outlets.

We are constantly working to improve and expand the capabilities of our system, so updates are released on average once every 2 months. We inform our clients about each of them and hold workshops in an online format.

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