Why would a retailer want a merchandising system?

17 September 2019 / ABM Shelf

Merchandise your store!

Have you ever experienced any of these problems?

  • Your merchandising manager spends hours on routine report data assessment and manual analysis;
  • In-store product distribution is a tiresome and lengthy process, taking up to several days, as Excel does not allow to combine and compare shelf and product dimensions at the same time;
  • Store employee turnover is high. New employees can not make right decisions on visual merchandising, they do not understand the principles, guides and rules of attractive goods display;
  • Store employees are not acquainted with the basics of merchandising. Suffering from incompetence and stress, they are not able to place goods in a proper and attractive way and they can not assess the results of their work;
  • The process of store performance assessment is very inefficient and complicated. First, store manager shall request an up-to-date planogram from the merchandiser, then store manager has to print out the Excel spreadsheet containing product numbers and names, and finally, store managers has to spend long hours manually comparing the factual goods display with Excel spreadsheets and planograms;
  • Customers negatively react to messy, cluttered or empty store shelves. It all turns them away to your competitors.


We have a solution that can tackle all these problems bringing you wow-results. All you need is to install a simple yet effective tool which can keep record of your analytics, manage your store merchandising, help your store employees and integrate all business processes.


ABM Shelf is a cloud-based solution that can automatically arrange your in-store goods display, calculate facings and compare this data to your sales performance within a given period of time.


ABM Shelf is consistently integrated into your business. Here are the integration stages:

  1. Merchandiser’s performance is carefully tracked
  2. In-store occupancy rate is analyzed
  3. In-store visual merchandising and display is controlled and managed
  4. Sales and performance indicators are measured
  5. Store performance indicators recorded during various goods display types are compared


The company using ABM Shelf has extra benefits:

  • The software can calculate the best and optimal shelf space for each product;
  • Goods are always present, out of stock percentage becomes lower;
  • The errors in factual goods placement are becoming less frequent. Store employees get the carefully printed planograms, where they can see the store equipment in every detail, so the risk of human-caused mistake and mess in goods placing is almost zero-like;
  • Each change in planograms is immediately communicated and reported to store managers in every detail;
  • Store managers have a convenient user-friendly interface and they can easily compare in-store goods display to planograms;
  • Information exchange is fast and consistent: instead of Excel spreadsheets, store employees get comprehensive and detailed guidelines on sales equipment and goods placement.
  • Category and brand managers have fast real-time data to do market research and analyze their KPIs.


As a result of ABM Shelf integration a retailer can boost sales by up to 30% and increase satisfied customers flow. ABM Shelf not only reduces money spent on employee trainings but also brings you higher productivity and better sales!

Learn more about the benefits ABM Shelf has for you and your company. Fill in the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you offering you a list of tailor-made extras for your business!

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