The leading filling station chooses ABM Shelf

11 October 2019 / ABM Shelf

Merchandising at WOG petrol stations

“WOG”, the largest and the leading national network of gas-filling stations, has teamed up with the ABM Shelf and is ready to share some insights on the cooperation: 

WOG customers and employees have already experienced the benefits of the system and its smooth integration into WOG’s processes. The system is simple and easy-to-use, it is multi-functional and very user-friendly.


During the integration of ABM Shelf into WOG’s operations:

  1. All product assortment of gas-filling complexes was carefully checked and recorded;
  2. Store planogram formats have been automatically downloaded;
  3. Pilot complexes templates have been created;
  4. Planograms have been formed.
  5. Format planograms for gas-filling complexes have been assigned.


Moreover, WOG employees can now benefit from a smart notifications systems, updating them on the changes in goods display. Tasks and KPIs can be now tracked in real time using an automated chat bot solution. Users and employees can easily send and exchange realograms in seconds.

The integration of WOG and ABM Shelf is almost over, and at this stage it has already been very positively assessed by the users. ABM Shelf is a helpful and intelligent tool to effectively put merchandising strategies in place.

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