Merchandising in a clothing store

2 February 2020 / ABM Shelf

merchandising of the fashion store

If you run an apparel retail store you perfectly know that it is the attractiveness and appearance that matters. Potential clients buy your products if they are displayed in its best attractive manner.

Fashion and apparel retailers know that in this business quantity does not mean sales. Apparel stores customers do not like too much clothing on the rails, they do not like messy and cluttered stores, they do not like to rack among the hangers trying to find the product they need. To avoid negative customer feedback, pay attention to your products in-store display and invest into merchandising strategy.


Here are some rules of fashion and apparel retail merchandising that will make your store look fancy and stylish:

  • Have the same quantity of tops and bottoms. Give your customer everything he needs to create a wardrobe total look, let your customer work as a stylist with a wide range of your products;
  • Have the equal number of apparel sizes for both tops and bottoms. Range apparel sizes S to XL, left to the right;
  • Consider your store space and craftily fit the volume of clothing into your store. Merchandising and displaying apparel is an art, full of clues and hidden secrets;
  • Showcase your goods during sales period by putting them in size- or category-based groups;
  • Find a special store zone to place accessories to better catch customer attention. Do not mix dresses and belts, do not put them on one hanger. Highlight your goods by using good-looking and well-dressed mannequins, or display the accessories separately.


These rules can look simple, but telling a story of your goods with the help of merchandising can be a challenge. Consider using automated merchandising software ABM Shelf to make merchandising processes easier and more effective.

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