How to integrate ABM Shelf into Wine and Spirits market?

21 August 2019 / ABM Shelf

Wine and Spirit store merchandise

Wine and spirits store Beloe Suhoe offering a wide range of reasonably-priced local and imported spirits, has started to integrate automated merchandising software into its operational activity.


The store specializes in various wine and spirits of different types, categories, sorts, tastes, strength, places of origin and prices. The diversified variety of products is reflected in facing strategies and merchandising principles.


The company decided to implement ABM Shelf merchandising solution to quickly and efficiently perform the following functions:

  • quickly design planograms, considering all necessary parameters and requirements;
  • control merchandising in real time across all stores in line with the guidelines produced by the head office;
  • analyze the effectiveness of merchandising by each centimeter of shelf space.


How to manage shelf space more efficiently?

Get professional advice on merchandising from specialists with years of experience. With our solution, you will quickly and efficiently solve problems with the shelf layout and noticeably increase your sales!