How to Build a Highly-effective Merchandising Team?

10 November 2019 / ABM Shelf

Marketing Team

Located in Kazakhstan’s Shymkent, FIRKAN is a network of stores which operates multiple formats such as “next-door” groceries, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Being a very ambitious and fast-growing company, FIRKAN has felt a necessity to invest into the next stage of its development and build an effective merchandising team.

Firkin's marketing director Ivan Soldatenko shares his experience and tells us about his company’s way of building a successful merchandising:


We have analyzed several merchandising software solutions present on the market and we have picked up the best option, which is ABM Shelf. It took 4 months to install the solution and integrate with our business processes. With ABM Shelf we have managed to perform the following tasks:

  • We have created a merchandising team. We held training sessions for all its members;
  • We have structured our business processes and interaction between our finance and operations teams;
  • Merchandising basics and products placement were taught to the company’s employees.


And we have achieved fast tangible results:

  • We are preventing out-of-stocks of bestsellers;
  • We can monitor every shelf and every store online, anytime and anywhere;
  • 50% of goods are already depicted on planograms;
  • Sales managers can track and compare sales performance literally by every square meter of the sales space.


Firkan’s experience clearly demonstrates that each retail chain needs an efficient merchandising strategy and a team that can manage in-store goods display, planograms and visual store appearance.

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