ABM Shelf: Easy & user-friendly

21 January 2020 / ABM Shelf

ABM Shelf - Easy and Friendly

To boost sales, invest in high quality, easy-to-use, flexible and user-friendly software. ABM Shelf is extremely comprehensible, handy and has numerous advantages for the benefit of retailers:


ABM Shelf is cloud-based

ABM Shelf is an integrated platform enabling information-sharing between all employees who work with planograms. The system utilizes browser technology, that means it does not require any installing or add-ins. All you need to do for using ABM Shelf is to log in (enter your user login and password) in your browser window.

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Equipment integrated into planograms

Visual merchandise has never been faster and easier.

ABM Shelf has a function that adds or creates sales equipment immediately on a store plan. You do not need to create dozens of templates and overload system memory. Just select the equipment you need in a drop-down list, drag and drop it to your store plan and press “save”. You can add the equipment features and voila, you are all set to create and work with your planogram.



Visual merchandising analytics

ABM Shelf has an integrated system of merchandising effectiveness analytics. You can filter goods based on their categories (brand, type, shelves etc), make ABC-analysis and track sales for a given period of time. The system also keeps record of goods which are not selling on the selected equipment. Each user can adjust the filters and settings to sort the necessary data on the chosen equipment. The filtered data is easily downloadable into Excel spreadsheet.

In-store analytics are also available. All you need to do is to select ABC analysis tool and to choose the period - and the system will automatically generate a map of hot and cold spots of your stores’ sales equipment.


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