Management automation of visual merchandising and planogram of a sales area by ABM Shelf cloud service.

Advantages of implementing
an online merchandising system

Accessible everywhere

ABM Shelf has a web-based platform, a mobile solution and chat bots that allow you to work everywhere, in every part of the world. All you need is an internet access.

Macro-space design module

An efficient tool to manage retail space and visualize any salesroom you need using any equipment.

Equipment designer

You can create any templates for trading equipment, designing everything you need - from regular shelves to clothes rails, in one click.

Smart assortment matrix

ABM Shelf automatically takes inactive SKUs out of the sales space and suggests new products to display. The system keeps track of employees’ KPIs.

Design functionality

You have everything you need to design any planogram and greatly present any type of goods. You have tools to work with layers, product types, containers, 3D visualization and facing.

Easy-to-use analytics

ABM Shelf has an advanced range of integrated metrics to provide sales and ABC analytics, calculate market share, track employees’ performance and effectiveness in head office and across all sales locations. Analytics data is automatically transmitted to sales equipment and planograms in real time.

Functions of the merchandising management program

Effective salesroom management

Salesroom management dashboard has access to real-time easily navigable data across all stores.
The user can create unlimited number of salesroom models and visualize sales equipment placement, as well as add or remove extra objects (columns, chairs, tables, sales points, doors etc).

Multi-functional equipment designer

Equipment constructor turns you into a store designer - you can model 3D visualization of shelves and planograms working with ready inventory lists which include different inventory dimensions, prices, manufacturers, and back-office inventory leftovers.

You can easily search for products using their numbers, names, types, as well as filter and sort data based on leftovers quantity, prices and assortment. The user can drag and drop products on the virtual shelves and import product numbers for planogram inventory in one click.

Easy placement of goods

Creating planograms for sales equipment has never been easier: you may use 3D visualization, photos, group products by colour (or by manufacturer, size, supplier, price and leftovers). You can import product numbers for planogram inventory and finally print the ready planograms and product placement charts.

Great and functional analytics service

The system has a built-in functional and easy-to-use analytics module. You can get your ABC analysis and assess its sales, profit or cost of goods sold.
You also can generate any kind of analytical reports for each SKU, based on its assortment range, sales and availability.

We make merchandising work for your business!

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ABM Shelf benefits: Facts and Figures


Turnover increase with no extra costs


Decrease of lost sales


Better in-store customer behavior control

Layout planogram

Accessible everywhere

ABM Shelf has a web-based platform, a mobile solution and chat bots that allow you to work everywhere, in every part of the world. All you need is an internet access.

Macro-space design module

An efficient tool to manage retail space and visualize any salesroom you need using any equipment.

Equipment designer

You can create any templates for trading equipment, designing everything you need - from regular shelves to clothes rails, in one click.

Our customers who successfully use ABM Shelf

  • WOG


    Gas-filling complexes

    The first national network of gas stations, which operates a total of 476 filling stations across the country.

  • Epicenter


    Supermarket Chain

    Network of shopping centers in Ukraine. Specializes in retail of furniture, household chemicals, automotive products, building materials, etc.

  • Agrocomplex


    Retail network

    It unites more than 40 enterprises of different profiles: rice growing, cattle breeding, processing industry and trade. 650 outlets.

  • KOLO


    Retail network

    A chain of mini-markets, convenience stores. The chain has more than 206 retail facilities.

  • Toys House

    Toys House

    Toy house

    The largest toy retailer in country. 45 stores in 15 regions, 50 000 SKU

  • Winlab


    Specialized Alcohol Market

    VinLab Beverage Supermarket. 600 stores in the Russian Federation. More than 2000 SKU.

  • AVIA


    Gas station network

    A network of petrol stations, which has more than 3,000 filling stations in the EU.

  • Makro


    Supermarket Chain

    The largest supermarket chain in Uzbekistan. It has 74 supermarkets with a wide assortment.

  • ОМА


    Wholesale and retail stores

    Construction material stores, 26 stores and 70 000 products

  • ALMI


    Retail stores

    A network of FMCG retail stores. 39 sales locations and an own logistics centre having a size of 10 151,4 sq. m.

  • UPG


    Gas station network

    Ukrainian network of filling stations, has more than 62 facilities.

  • Neftmagistral


    Gas station network

    A network of multiservice gas stations.

  • OnePrice


    Retail network

    Network of fixed-price stores in Ukraine. The number of stores is 18.

  • Zabaykalsky Privoz

    Zabaykalsky Privoz

    Retail network

    Retail chain, which has 36 supermarkets, of four formats. The main part is based in Chita, the capital of Trans-Baikal Territory.

  • Vitalur


    Retail network

    The largest Belarusian retailer with 74 stores of different formats across the country. 140,000+ daily visitors.

  • TA-DA!


    Supermarket Chain

    Supermarket chain, which has more than 21 supermarkets in 15 cities of Ukraine.



    Food products

    A network of grocery supermarkets in Ukraine.

  • Mila


    Cosmetics and perfumery stores

    A chain manages more than 400 stores

  • Hyperbola


    Food products

    A chain of grocery supermarkets. An assortment of over 43500 products. 206 product categories.

  • Beethoven


    Pet shop chain

    A chain of pet shops in Moscow with over 30 shops. There are more than 17,000 items of pet products in the range.

  • Firkan


    Wholesale and retail stores

    A sales network, both retail and wholesale, present on the market since 1992

  • Klass


    Supermarket chain

    Сеть супермаркетов Класс – одна из лидирующих компаний розничной торговли. Количество супермаркетолов в Харькове - 13. Ежедневно обслуживают свыше 100 000 семей.

  • Basket


    Food products

    A supermarket and convenience store chain of 14 outlets. The assortment consists of about 5,000 products, spread over an area of 250 to 500 sq. m.

  • Matryoshka Market

    Matryoshka Market

    Clothing and FMCG stores

    Active clothing and FMCG retailer, opening 4 to 8 stores each month. Initial company capital is more than $150,000

  • Fine O Market

    Fine O Market

    Self-service grocery stores

    A network of self-service grocery stores, covering more than 50 stores and 6000 SKUs.

  • White Dry

    White Dry

    Specialised Alcohol Market

    A chain of alkomarkets - 80 shops in Kiev and the region. A wide range of quality alcoholic beverages.

  • Chudo market

    Chudo market

    Food and grocery stores

    A fast-growing network of grocery supermarkets with a wide product range and 25 already operating stores

  • Veresen


    Wine and spirits stores

    Wine and spirits retailer, with 20 stores and more than 2000 SKU

  • Kopejka


    Retail network

    A fast-growing department store retail chain in the Odessa region. The chain serves more than 100 thousand customers daily.

  • Dobra Market

    Dobra Market

    Food and grocery stores

    A network operating on food retail market, using a “next door” grocery format. Product range is more than 6000 SKU



    Food and grocery stores

    A chain of hypermarkets, with the product range of more than 50 000 SKU. Each hypermarket has 20 cash desks and 6000 sq. m. of floor space

  • Korona


    Food and grocery stores

    A chain of food and grocery stores with more than 20 000 products and 400 000 customers

  • K-Market


    Food and grocery stores

    A network of food and grocery supermarkets, with more than 10 000 product types and 150 000 customers

  • Apelmon


    Food and grocery stores

    A network of “next door” food and grocery markets, covering 35 stores

  • Systema Globus

    Systema Globus

    Retail network

    37 shops. More than 15,000 items in the range. More than 1,000 items are produced under its own brand.

  • Doyarushka


    Retail network

    A chain of convenience stores offering a range of 3,000 to 5,000 items. The total number of shops is 59.

  • ABC Electro

    ABC Electro

    Electrical engineering company

    Russia's leading electrotechnical company with 20 years of experience. Over 50 shops and 1 million products from 200 manufacturers.

  • Evroros


    Retail stores

    A network of retail stores, regional market leader since 1993. 34 stores.

  • PRK


    Supermarket chain

    The First Family supermarket chain in Sakhalin. Has 16 shops, 1 distribution centre and 16 cafes.

  • Podorozhnik


    Pharmacy chain

    Podorozhnik pharmacy chain in Ukraine.

  • The project was successfully implemented within the stated deadline. We have reconsidered product assortment and quantity, and started to use our storage facilities more effectively.


    General Director

    Dobra Kramnytsia

  • Together with ABM Shelf team we have organized our merchandizers’ work. And now we are able to track and analyze the effectiveness of each square meter of our sales space, using the smart system of sales analytics.


    Marketing Director


  • We have chosen the ABM Shelf, because this system is the best value for money. Importantly, the system is evolving, introducing new features and solutions. It perfectly helps us to satisfy our business needs and manage our merchandising processes.


    Senior merchandising manager


  • We now have a fully functional instrument to control the KPIs and performance of our stores, sales locations and its managers. As a result of ABM Shelf implementation, we have created up-to-date planograms of all sales locations.


    Head of Food Retail


  • With ABM Shelf, the process of building planograms has become faster and more enjoyable, and communication between the commercial department and stores has become systematic.


    Deputy Director of Development


Merchandising management

Visual merchandising should be a top priority for retailers - if effectively managed, it can boost your sales, strengthen your brand exposure and maximize brand awareness, raising your competitiveness. To make retail merchandising work effectively and increase store sales, you should pay due attention to visual products placement and the way your store looks like.
Give more store space to fast-selling items than to slow-sellers. Do not mix these categories, as it may lead to drop in sales for both. Your merchandising technique will succeed if your customer can easily and quickly find the needed item, freely examine it and put back on the shelf without any extra effort. If you control your merchandising, you will not end up with empty unused store space.

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